Product Focus: Antique Elite

29th September 2012

For generations, people who have enjoyed country pursuits such as riding, shooting, fishing and walking have kept a long held secret – their Green Wax jackets!

The garments, produced from densely woven two-fold cotton yarns and impregnated with Wax, have afforded their wearers protection from the elements and the rigours of country life.

Just as the outdoors moulds the character of the individual, with each passing season the wax fabric allows the individual to mould the character of their jacket. Each jacket develops a look, handle and appearance unique to the individual. Like a favourite pair of jeans or comfortable pair of boots, a wax jacket has become an outdoor essential and ‘fashion chic’.

For over 125 years British Millerain has continually developed, refined and produced fabrics for Rainwear and Outdoor pursuits. Today one of our most popular Wax fabrics is Antique Elite.

Antique Elite has been specifically designed to enhance the garments ability to take on character. As the fabric flexes during garment manufacture, ‘life lines’ will appear on the surface of the wax, creating distressed surface patterns and melange effects.

Available in a range of colours, Antique Elite is a flexible choice for the designer who wants to create ‘modern vintage’.

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