The original manufacturer of waxed cotton fabric & leader in specialist textiles for outerwear

Embark on a journey with British Millerain, the epitome of British fabric manufacturing excellence. As the original innovators behind waxed cotton fabric, we're more than just a textile manufacturer; we're your partners in exploration.

By developing trusting and lasting partnerships with many of the industry's leading brands, proudly supplying renowned brands like Barbour and Henri Lloyd, it has driven our growth as a globally respected manufacturer of fabrics for outerwear.

A Century-Old Story of Textile Mastery

From our humble beginnings in the 1880s to becoming a globally respected British fabric manufacturer, our path has been defined by innovation, quality, and a deep commitment to craftsmanship.

Discover how our patented Millerain® rainproof finish set the stage for a legacy of excellence in outdoor and fashion textiles.


Dyeing – Stage 2 of The Journey

Dyeing – Stage 2 of The Journey

24th December 2018


An inspiring array of textiles suitable for outerwear, with finished weights ranging from 150gpsm to 500gpsm. From the original waxed cotton to sophisticated fashion coatings, cotton laminates and dry finishes


Whilst the technology has changed over the years, we remain faithful to our roots. Using historical documentation from the British Millerain archives, we are proud to share with you some of our heritage. Read on to view our timeline and discover the evolution of this time-honoured company and its textiles.

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British Millerain Co. Ltd.

Unit 1, Park Mill, Buckley Road, Rochdale, OL12 9DJ

Tel : +44 (0)1706 716 379

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